Top albums of 2019

2019 was anything but a quiet year when it comes to new releases – especially if we talk Melodic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Reviewers must have had their hands pretty full, especially with new albums by heavyweights of the genre like Whitesnake or Pretty Maids. For me, 2019 meant two things – celebration of the tenth anniversary of my venture into music journalism and change of approach as a listener. Inspired by the message behind The Darkness‘ current single “Rock And Roll Deserves To Die”, I decided to focus on younger acts more than ever before. Not only did this result in re-launch of my blog and my return to journalistic craft, but also – and more importantly – it renewed my passion for Rock’n’Roll.

So, here’s a bunch of records – in no particular order – that defined 2019 for me.

10 best albums of 2019:

Crazy Lixx – Forever Wild [Frontiers]

Eclipse – Paradigm [Frontiers]

Fighter V – Fighter [Rock Attack/Cargo Records]

Edge Of Forever – Native Soul [Frontiers]

Wheels Of Fire – Begin Again [Art Of Melody Music]

DeVicious – Reflections [Metalapolis Records]

Pretty Wild – Interstate 13 [Black Lodge Records]

Temple Balls – Untamed [Warner Music Finland]

Avantasia – Moonglow [Nuclear Blast]

Deaf Rat – Ban The Light [AFM Records]

Honorable mentions:

Turilli/Lione Rhapsody – Zero Gravity (Rebirth And Revolution) [Nuclear Blast]

The Darkness – Easter Is Cancelled [Cooking Vinyl Limited]

Crashdïet – Rust [Frontiers]

Arcadia – Hands Of Time [Sheratan Records]

Crow’s Flight – The Storm [Ram It Down Records]

My ultimate 2019 playlist:

  1. Crazy Lixx – Break Out
  2. Eclipse – United
  3. The Darkness – Rock And Roll Deserves To Die
  4. Crashdïet – Rust
  5. Steel Panther – I Ain’t Buying What You’re Selling

In early 2020, I also guest co-hosted The Michael Spiggos Melodic Rock Show, where I discussed some of my favourites of 2019 in detail. You can check it out here.